Miss. Haji Asha R J Publications
11996Haji, A.R.J., A New Dawn For A. Vital Profession, The Social Focus Vol. 2 Litho Press, Nairobi, 1996.
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21993Haji, A.R.J., Challenges Of Social Work Training In Kenya. The Social Focus Vol. 1, Litho Press, Nairobi, 1993.
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31991Haji, A.R.J., Non-Governmental Organization In Africa: Present Conditions And Future Prospects. In Mikono Vol.2 Journal Of The African Education Fund (A.E.F) FUKUOKA JAPAN, 1991.
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41990Farah, K.O., Haji, A.R.J., African Nomadic-Pastoralism In Transition: The Case Of North-Eastern Kenya, 1990 SSRC New York.
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51990Haji, A.R.J., Drug Use And Abuse Problems And The Emerging Drug Trafficking Menace In Kenya U.S.I.S. Nairobi, 1990.
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61985Haji, Ara, The Use And Abuse Of Khat/9cathaedulis Forsk In Garissa - Kenya MA, University Of Nairobi, 1985.
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71985Haji, A.R.J., International Youth Year: Challenge And Opportunity. In Wajibu Journal Of Religious And Social Concern Vol. 1 No. 2 December 1985, Nairobi.
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