1967 Publications
11967WAMOLA I.A. 1967. Correlation Of Virulence With Growth Rates In Staphylococcus Aureus. Can. J. Microbiology 15: 723-29
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21967WAMOLA I.A. 1967. Correlation Of Virulence And Biochemical Characteristic Of Strains Of Staph. Aureus From Bovine Mastitis. MSc Thesis Of University Of New Hampshire. 79 Pages
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31967Biological Studies On Some Predacious Mites. MSc. Ain Shams Univ., Cairo, 94 Pp
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41967Pain. A Brief Appraisal
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51967Science, Leisure And Common Sense
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61967Application Of Microvascular Surgery In The Reconstruction Of Thoracic Oesophagus (Preliminary Communication)
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71967Land Settlement In The Kenya Highlands - In The Book Containing The Report Of The Kericho Conference On Education, Employment And Rural Development, Edited By J.R. Sheffield, East African Publishing House, 1967.
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81967Review Article On "Land Reform In The Kikuyu Country" By M.P.K. Sorrenson, 1967, In East Africa Journal, Vol. 4, No. V, November, 1967.
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91967Pamba H.O., Alsarrag S., Moktabar M., Shakir I. And Siddiqui E.H.:A Report On Preliminary Survey Of S. Mansoni At Jinja, Uganda. Tech. Paper No. 7, 1967
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101967Foy, H., A. Kondi And V.B. Mbaya, Erythroid Aplasia In Riboflavin Deficient Baboons And It
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111967Paleomagnetic Studies In Kenya
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