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2007/2008 Academic Year

Institute Of Anthropology, Gender & African Studies

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Lay People’s Knowledge, Perceptions And Practices Regarding The Transmission And Management Of Human And Porcine Cysticercosis In Mbeya Rural District Of Tanzania Rose Elisante Kalage 2007/2008 View Details

Faculty of Arts

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

2007/2008 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
‘environmental Audit Of Educational Institutions: The Case Study Of Oshwal Academy Primary School – Nairobi, Kenya’ Shah Parita S 2007/2008 View Details
‘a Study On The States And Challenges Of The Environmental Audit Process In Kenya’. Mwangi Angeline W 2007/2008 View Details
Impacts Of Sand Mining On The Environment In Mjanaheri – Ngomeni Areas Of Magarini Division, Kenya Nguru, Paul Muiru 2007/2008 View Details
Awareness Of Environmental Law: A Case Study Of Nairobi Residents Living Around The Dandora Dumping Site Kahindi Katsoleh G.c. 2007/2008 View Details
An Assessment Of The Status Of Health Care Waste Management In Kenya: The Case Of Nyanza Province Kodiaga Joel Tito 2007/2008 View Details
Access To Water For Life And Enhanced Livelihoods Through Improved Water Governance: The Case Of Kibera Slum Maina Micro David 2007/2008 View Details
Alternative Approaches To The Management Of Excreta: An Assessment Of The Factors That Have Led To Household Choice And Adoption Of Ecological Sanitation (ecosan) In Wajir Mulonga Julie K. 2007/2008 View Details
Evaluation Of The Performance Of The Usgs Stream Flow Model To The Shabelle River Basin In Somalia Muchiri Peris W. 2007/2008 View Details
Horticulture, Pesticide Use, Environmental Concerns And Food Security: A Case Study For Nguruma Irrigation Scheme Mwangi Ruth Njoki 2007/2008 View Details
Environmental Problems Associated With Tea Factories In Kenya: A Case Study Of Kebirigo Coffee Factory Nyandika Jane 2007/2008 View Details

Department of Psychology

2007/2008 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Relationship Between Sexual Activity And Self Esteem Among Teenagers. Joyce Abur 2007/2008 View Details
Relationship Between Mother’s Level Of Education And Children’s Educational Aspirations. Pauline Kuria 2007/2008 View Details
Provision Of Quality Health Care To Retirees. Monica Alice Shima 2007/2008 View Details
The Psychological Impact Of Incarceration: Implications For Post-prison Adjustment. Letothiro Emuria 2007/2008 View Details
Attachment And Self-esteem In Adolescence. Elizabeth Mwamunga 2007/2008 View Details
Impact Of Living Environment On Mental Health Of Students Of University Of Nairobi. Otieno Mary Onyango 2007/2008 View Details
A Study To Investigate Causes Of Divorce Among Somali Community. Hussein Sirat 2007/2008 View Details
Relationship Between Low Self-esteem And Youth Unemployment In Nairobi. Jane Wambui Njoroge 2007/2008 View Details
Relationship Between Parental Preparation And Adolescents Ability To Handle Their Physical Changes. Jane Nyambura 2007/2008 View Details
Relationship Between Family Background And Delinquency. Pamela Monyenche 2007/2008 View Details

School of Business

2007/2008 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Relative Importance Of Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Among Safaricom’s Retail Centre Agents In Nairobi Ntarangwi, Florah 2007/2008 View Details
Challenges Facing Implementation Of Kenya Human Rights Commission’s Five Year Strategic Plan (2008- 2012) Mukami Marete 2007/2008 View Details
Strategic Responses To Competition By Barclays Bank Of Kenya Limited. Ramona Chepngetich Mwarey 2007/2008 View Details
Post Merger Implementation Strategy For The Financial Services Sector: A Survey Of Mergers In The Kenyan Banking Sector Samson Murithi 2007/2008 View Details
Strategy Evaluation And Control At Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (kengen). David K. Muthike 2007/2008 View Details
Implementation Of Business Process Reengineering For Competitive Advantage: A Case Study Of The Wrigley Company Godwin Kiplimo Kaptoge 2007/2008 View Details

School of Law

2007/2008 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Humanitarian Law And The War Against International Terrorism: Challenges And Opportunities Since September 11, 2001 Wabuyabo Justus Ambutsi 2007/2008 View Details
The Ultra Vires Rule On Its Death-bed: The Rule Of Law As The Basis Of Judicial Review In Kenya Kaluma Peter Opondo 2007/2008 View Details
An Evaluation Of The Law Relating To The Management Of Water-related Disasters With Specific Reference To Droughts And Floods In Kenya Omollo Anne Abong’o 2007/2008 View Details
A Critique Of Refugee Governance In International Law: Case Study Of Kenya Ouko John Silas 2007/2008 View Details
The Role Of The East Africa Court Of Justice In Regional Integration: Emerging Jurisprudence And The Way Forward Kefa Ruth 2007/2008 View Details
Challenges In Harmonizing Tax Law (and Policy) Under East African Cooperation: How Feasible? Mwok-handa Ekaterina 2007/2008 View Details
Non-performing Loans: Are Credit Reference Bureaus The Solution? Gichobi Irene W 2007/2008 View Details
Microfinance In Kenya: Growth And Regulatory Framework Rutto Stella Chemtai 2007/2008 View Details
Legislative And Institutional Constraints In Access To Justice In Environmental Disputes Especially Post Mereka David Mukii 2007/2008 View Details

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