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2015/1016 Academic Year

Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Challenges And Prospects Of Women’s Political Participation In Governance In Africa: Case Study Of Kenya Winnie Awuor Otieno 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Ict Based Tools As Counterterrorism Strategy David Odhiambo Owili 2015/1016 View Details
How Unhcr Is In Provision Of Ammenities To Refugees In Kenya Gathondu Tracy Waithera 2015/1016 View Details
Governance And Corruption: Case Study Kenya Brian Gichohi 2015/1016 View Details
Combating Transnational Terrorism In Kenya Tracy Jelagat Kimosop 2015/1016 View Details
National Security And Religious Based Violence In Kenya Alukwe Khamu Tracy 2015/1016 View Details
Socio- Economic Factors That Influence Extreme Radicalization In East Africa: A Case Study Of Nairobi, Kenya Tom Otieno Omongo 2015/1016 View Details
Effects Of Food And Water Shortage On Stability And Human Development: A Case Study Of Northern Kenya Tiffany Kobia 2015/1016 View Details
The Gender Dimension Of The Management Of Land Resource In The Riftvalley, Kenya. Odhiambo Mitchelle Atieno 2015/1016 View Details
Trade Barriers And Economic Integration: A Case Study Of Kenya And Uganda Imelda Mbithe 2015/1016 View Details
The Role Of Multinational Companies The Case Study Of Kenya 1960-2014 Asena F. Linda 2015/1016 View Details
The Role Of Communities In Conflict Resolution In The Horn Of Africa: A Case Of Jonglei Canal, South Sudan Deng Garang Akech Daniel 2015/1016 View Details
The Oil-resource And The “new-war” In The Republic Of South Sudan Yom Deng Bul 2015/1016 View Details
Terrorism And National Security A Case Study Of Kenya Ndeda Philip Charles 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Pastoral Conflicts On National Security In North-eastern Kenya Tamara Mogaka 2015/1016 View Details
Challenges Of Reduced Refugee Funding And Possible Mitigation Efforts: A Case Study Of Kenya Ruth Nelima Tolometi 2015/1016 View Details
Countering Terrorism In Africa: A Comparative Analysis Of Security Strategies In Ethiopia And Kenya Lameck Oluoch Dunde 2015/1016 View Details
Responses To International Terrorism By The Usa- Post 9/11 George M. Kiarie 2015/1016 View Details
Climate Change And Human Rights Of The Indigenous Communities In Kenya Esther Waikuru Mwangi 2015/1016 View Details
Refugees And Crime: Case Study Of Somali Refugees In Eastleigh Nairobi County Ramla Abbas Sheikh 2015/1016 View Details
Human Trafficking And Human Security In Eastern Africa: Case Study Of Eritrea Kariuki Peris Wanjiku 2015/1016 View Details
Leadership And Underdevelopment In Africa: Case Study On Zimbabwe And Kenya 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Environmental Degradation On Human Security: A Case Studyof Kenya. Verity C. Mwikamba. 2015/1016 View Details
Islamic State As A Threat To Global Peace And Security: An Analysis Of The Mechanisms Used By The International Community Joel Mwangi Kihanga 2015/1016 View Details
Combating National Security Threats: A Comparative Study Of Usa And Kenya Terror Attacks Moraa Angela Melissa 2015/1016 View Details
The Effectiveness Of Environmental Impact Assessment Strategies And Their Influence On Kenya’s Environmental Security Mbogo Maria Mumbi 2015/1016 View Details
An Analysis Of Women Participation In Terrorism: A Case Study Of Russia Magdaline Mwelu Musau 2015/1016 View Details
Political Interests And Foreign Policy Making In Kenya Since 1990. Keana V. Mogere 2015/1016 View Details
The Role Of Communication In Africa’s Regional Integration: A Case Study Of The African Union Paul Mugambi Makunyi 2015/1016 View Details
Countering Terrorism In Kenya: Analyzing The Impacts Of Counterterrorism On Security (1998 – 2015) Amayo Passy Ogolla 2015/1016 View Details
Impact Of Economic Integration On International Relations: A Case Study Of Economic Sanctions On Zimbabwe, 2000-2014 Paidamoyo Nyamakanga 2015/1016 View Details
Counter Terrorism And Human Rights Nexus: The Case Study Of Kenya Otieno, Peter Onyango 2015/1016 View Details
The Great Lakes Region Conflict Case Study Of Democratic Republic Of Congo Oliver Wafula Mamili 2015/1016 View Details
Regional Organizations And Conflict Resolution: Assesing The Role Of Igad In Mediating The South Sudan Conflict Okoth Eunice Bwari 2015/1016 View Details
The Influence Of Red-tape Bureaucracy On Development In East Africa; Case Study The Republic Of Kenya Nyamu Esther Gakii 2015/1016 View Details
Water Resources And Armed Conflict In Mandera-kenya Nuri Katana Nuri 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Regional Integration On Economic Development: A Case Study Of The East Africa Community. Noah Kamandi Daudi 2015/1016 View Details
International Market Factors Affecting The Performance Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Kenya: 2000-2014 Ochieng Apondi Nisbet 2015/1016 View Details
The Role Of Women In Post-conflict Reconstruction: The Case Of Rwanda 2005 Nelly Wanjiku Kahehu 2015/1016 View Details
Trade In Services And The Promotion Of Regional Integration In East Africa Cornel Ogutu 2015/1016 View Details
China, Limited. A Business In Africa Mariam Mazoea Idriss 2015/1016 View Details
Kenya’s Role In Regional Peace And Stability: Case Study Of Sudan Mwenda David Ngugi 2015/1016 View Details
An Analysis Of The Future Of International Relations In Outer Space: The Treaty On Principles Governing The Activities Of States In The Exploration And Use Of Outer Space, Including The Moon And Other Celestial Bodies (outer Space Treaty), 1967 Mwangi Gikaru Mari 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Refugee Crisis On Human Security In The Democratic Republic Of Congo Muyera Sybil Jenipher 2015/1016 View Details
The Nature Of Invasive Plant Species In Africa: Case Study Of Baringo-kenya Mutanda Clara Anzenza 2015/1016 View Details
Conflict Resolution In Boarder Disputes: Case Study Of The Conflict Between Nigeria And Cameroon Over The Bakaasi Peninsula. Mr Martin Nguru 2015/1016 View Details
Drivers Of Terrorism In Ne Kenya: Marginalization Or Radicalization? Muhumed Ahmed Sheikh 2015/1016 View Details
Effects Of Media Coverage In Un Peace Keeping Operations (1990- 2014); A Case Study Of United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (monusco) Micheni Ian Mwenda 2015/1016 View Details
State Security, Human Rights And The Civil Society: A Case Study Of Post Democratic Kenya. Michael Kinyua 2015/1016 View Details
The Socio-economic And Political Impact Of Terrorism: A Case Study Of Kenya Melanie Akinyi Godiah 2015/1016 View Details
Determinants Of Nation Al Patriotism In Ken Ya: A Cas E Of Nairobi County Maureen Wecheta Sifuma 2015/1016 View Details
Environmental Diplomacy And Conflict Resolution: A Case Study Of Mau Forest Christine Joan Oruya – Oginga 2015/1016 View Details
The Role Of Women In Conflict Management A Case Study Of The Eastern Africa Standby Force Peter Kipketer Limo 2015/1016 View Details
Assessment Of The Factors Affecting Issuance And Usage Of East Af- Rica Travel Documents In Promotion Of Free Movement Of Persons.a Case Study Of Kenya(2008-2013) Filly Tabitha Anyango 2015/1016 View Details
Federation In Africa: Case Studies Of Ethiopia And Nigeria Hassan, Abdullahi Nurow 2015/1016 View Details
Non Inclusive Post-war Government Structure: A Hindrance To Predictable Political Succession In The Great Lakes Region Ernest Liuta Is’aloluwa 2015/1016 View Details
Effects Of South Sudan’s Instability On Kenya’s Economic And Human Security: A Case Study Of Nairobi And Turkana Counties Muriithi Job Wanjohi 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of East Africa Community On Immigration Policies: Case Study Of Kenya Immiration Policy Otsieno Topister Kweyu 2015/1016 View Details
Shifting International Balance Of Power In Africa: An Analysis Of Kenya’s Relations With China And The United States Of America, 2003-2012 Sekoutoureotondi 2015/1016 View Details
The Role Of Road Transport Infrastructure In Enhancing Regional Integration: The Case Study Of Kenya’s Road Network Omondi Sarah Anyango 2015/1016 View Details
Multiple Mediation And Conflict Resolution: The Case Of Kenya’s Post-electoral Conflict (2007/2008 Odhiambo Maureen Achieng’ 2015/1016 View Details
Persistent Conflict In Sierra Leone And South Sudan, A Comparative Study Of Gender Factor Naomi Wanjugu Githui 2015/1016 View Details
Post-conflict Reconstruction Models And Frameworks: A Critical Analysis Of The Marshal Plan And Its Relevance To Africa Muhumed Mohamed Aden 2015/1016 View Details
Prospects And Pitfalls Of The Proposed East African Political Federation Opiyo Simeon Muga 2015/1016 View Details
Disarmament, Demobilization And Reintegration In Post- Conflict Societies: A Case Study Of South Sudan Motanya Fridah Nyaboke 2015/1016 View Details
The Medias Influence In African Politics: Case Study Of The Libya’s Uprising Mercy Wendo 2015/1016 View Details
‘‘melting Down The Borders To Reach The Frontiers” The Impact Of The Yamoussoukro Decision On The Liberalisation Of Air Transport In Africa. Mercy Wambui Kamau 2015/1016 View Details
A Comparative Assessment Of Ethio-kenya Diplomatic And Foreign Policy: 1991-2012 Melesalem 2015/1016 View Details
Power-sharing As A Mode Of Conflict Management In Post- Conflict Societies In Africa: Challenges And Opportunities Nyankieya Walter Nyamato 2015/1016 View Details
Asylum And National Security In Kenya Lawrence Mwengi Mulatya 2015/1016 View Details
“dual Approaches Of Conflict Management: The Case Of Karamoja, Uganda” Laureta Madegwa 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Numerical Strength In Women’s Political Participation: Comparative Study Of Kenya And Rwanda Ali Zainab Hassan 2015/1016 View Details
Challenges Of Policing In Africa Joseph Henry Ashimala 2015/1016 View Details
Media And Regional Integration: A Case Study Of The East Africa Community Stellah Daisy Mang'era 2015/1016 View Details
The Nexus Between Societal Security And Illegal Migration; A Case Study Of Illegal Migrats In Nairobi Kenya Mohamed Hirab Jimale 2015/1016 View Details
The Impact Of Economic Reforms On Human Security: The Case Of Post-conflict Rwanda, 1996 – 2013 Saad Migdad Saad 2015/1016 View Details
Role Of Public Diplomacy In Pursuit Of Kenya’s National Interest Ayuma Lucia Stella 2015/1016 View Details
Negotiating Post Referendum Issues In South Sudan: Prospects And Pitfalls Riak Kiir Deng Machuany 2015/1016 View Details
Shared Water Resources In The Sadc: A Case Study Of The Zambezi River Dani Eliya Banda 2015/1016 View Details
Women Economic Empowerment In Africa; A Case Study Of Kenya In Relation To Employment Njoroge Mercy Wairimu 2015/1016 View Details
Military Diplomacy: A Case Study Of Kenya Defence Forces In Somalia (2011-2012) Pius Thuo Migue 2015/1016 View Details
Knowled Ge An D Un Ders Ta Nd In G O F I Ntern Ation Al Law By S Ecurit Y Fo Rce S : A Cas E S T Ud Y Of The Ken Ya N Ation Al Poli Ce S Ervice . And Rew Che Ge Wanj I Ku. 2015/1016 View Details
Global Health Security: As An International Security Priority And A Shared Responsibility: A Case Study Of The Horn Of Africa. Sigei Eve Chebet 2015/1016 View Details
Disarmament, Demobilization And Reintegration In Africa: Case For Role Of Women In Kenya: Case Study Of Operesheni Dumisha Amani Caroline Mwikali Ndiku 2015/1016 View Details
Secession As A Cause Of Ethnic Conflict: The Case Of South Sudan Beth Wangui 2015/1016 View Details
Gender And Conflict: A Case Study Of Somali Refugees In Kenya 2005-2010 Bedel Abdi Jama 2015/1016 View Details
Conflict Webs In The Horn Of Africa: A Critical Assessment, 2002 – 2013 Antony Mburu 2015/1016 View Details
An Analysis Of The Garre And Murulle Inter-clan Conflicts In Mandera District In Kenya (since The Post-colonial Era) Abdi Hakim Hassan 2015/1016 View Details
Case Study Of The Gender Factor In Devolved Governance In Rwanda (1997-2003) And Lessons For Kenya Obiero Abigail Mwango 2015/1016 View Details

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