Excellent teaching, strong partnerships and broad research expertise makes the College of Humanities and Social Sciences the ideal place to study for a postgraduate qualification – whether you are aiming to deepen your subject knowledge, acquire a professional qualification or undertake your own original research.

Faculty OF Arts

Masters Degree Programmes


Doctoral studies

. • Arts

• Arabic

• Archaeology and Palaeontology

• French Studies

• Geography

• German

• Government

• Chinese Language and Linguistics

• Travel and Tourism Management

• Korean Studies

• Library Information Studies

• Islamic Studies

• Climatology

• Geography

• History

• Kiswahili

• Language and Communication

• Linguistics and African Languages

• Literature

• Philosophy

• Political Science

• Public Administration

• Religious Studies

• Social Work

• Sociology

• Physiology

• Tourism

• Psychology (Counselling)

• Human Rights

• Performing Arts

• Theatre and Film Studies


School of Economics

Masters Degree Programmes


Economics Policy and Management

Economics of Multilateral Trading Systems

Heath Economics and Policy


Doctoral studies



School of Business

Masters Degree Programmes

Master of Business Administration and Master of Science

:• Entrepreneuship and Innovations Management



Human Resource Management


Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Management Information Systems

International Business Management


Operations Management

• Strategic Management


Doctoral studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration


Population studies and Research Institute

masters Degree Programmes

Masters of Science in Population Studies

Masters of Arts in Population Studies

Masters of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation of Population and Development Programmes


Doctoral studies

Ph.D. in Population Studies


school of Journalism and Mass Communication

masters Degree Programmes

Communication Studies

Doctoral studies

Ph.D in Communication and Information Science

Centre For Advanced studies in Environmental law and Policy

masters Degree Programmes

Masters of Art in Environmental Law

Masters of Art in Environmental Law Policy

Doctoral studies

Phd in Environmental Law

• Phd in Environmental Law Policy

Centre For Translation and Interpretation

masters Degree Programmes

• Interpretation

• Translation


African women studies Centre

masters Degree Programmes

Master of Arts in Women Leadership and Governance

Master of Arts in Women Entrepreneurship


Doctoral studies

PhD in African Women Studies


School of Law

masters Degree Programmes

Private Law

Public Law

Commercial Law

Doctoral studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Law


Institute OF Anthropology, Gender & African studies


masters Degree Programmes


Gender & Development Studies


Doctoral studies

Ph.D. in Anthropology