1. Fee Payment Channel;
  1. Electronic transfer/direct cash deposit at any ABSA bank branch countrywide into:

          Name: UoN Module 1 Collection account  
          Bank: Absa 
          Branch: Plaza
          Ac No: 2032770838

  1. Mpesa payments:

M-Pesa Pay Bill;

  • The Business Number is 503003
  • The Account Number is your "Student Registration Number" (or "Admission Ref Number" for new student)
  1. Credit/debit card payments

New Students Must Quote Registration Number when Paying Fees at the Bank.

  1. All cash deposits will reflect on the students’ fees statements after 48 hours. The updated students’ fees statement will be accessed on student portal (
  2. For any payment that shall not reflect within 48hrs, scan the banking slip or the Mpesa message and send to for further action.
  3. Payments by electronic transfers should be supported by credit advice from the remitting bank. The credit advice should be emailed to for verification.
  4.  Funds from sponsors such as Higher Education loans Board (HELB, National Government constituencies Development Fund (NGCDF), County Government Bursaries and others, shall  be updated to the student account upon the receipt of the payment and beneficiaries schedules.







Go to:  to access online lectures. 

Registering for a course 

  • Login using student portal username and password
  • Select enroll for a course
  • Select category e.g PhD (Doctorate students), Graduate (Postgraduate Students) or Undergraduate (Bachelors and Diplomas)
  • Select academic program
  • Register for course Units under your academic programs by selecting icon next to the course title (a student must register for each course unit)

Accessing course materials

  • Login
  • Select  a course
  • Select document to access handouts
  • Select Assignment to check or upload assignments
  • Select forum to have online discussion on a given topic with classmate or group members
  • Select chat to have a real time discussion on a given topic with other students online

Contact: or Phone: 0204914036 / 0204914040 / 0204914010



Click to access e-class.

How to Login

  • Use your Active Directory login details 

Updating Student Profile on E-Class

  • Step 1. Login with AD students username and passwords ( you can reset on
  • Step 2.  The system prompts a student accessing the system for the first time to enter an email address. The system strictly requires a student to enter address
  • Step 3. The student should enter the correct email address and also update missing name ( sometimes first, second and surnames are put on a single text box for the first name. Name is a mandatory field)
  • Step 4. Scroll down and click the update button.
  • Step 5.  If the submission is successful, login to email the provided on step 3, open the message and click the verification link (the system will not accept any email except )
  • Step 6. Go back to and enroll on all relevant course units




Missing Marks

Missing Marks

Step. 1: Email the exams office, if they don’t respond after three days..

Step. 2:  Look for the Lecturer (email).

Step. 3: The lecturer will follow and sort the issue with the examination department and communicate the way forward; either to restore the marks or seat for special exam.



How to login to Google Suite

  1. Go to If you have an existing Gmail account, click on “Add New Account”
  2. Enter your username as
  3. Enter password.
  4. For FIRST TIME users, you will be requested to change your password to a preferred password. Google policy on password will be enforced at this stage and must meet the strength requirements
  5. Click on “Accept” to continue with the login
  6. Provide a recovery phone number and recovery email.
    • This will help you reset your password in case you forget.
    1. The phone number will also help set-up 2 -step authentication which adds an extra layer of security for your email account.
  1. NOTE: After login, check the different folders/labels under the inbox, including the “Spam” folder.
  2. In case of issue contact your college ICT support office for help (


How to access UoN Library Services

The University of Nairobi Library subscribes to electronic resources that can be accessed off campus. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT

  1. For students:
    1. Using the “student mail” link at the bottom of the UoN Homepage (, create a UoN e-mail account using registration number and National ID/passport.
    2. Create a network access account on students email link ( - use the email created in Step (a) above.
    3. You will receive network access account details through the already created students email account.
    4. In case you cannot complete the process please send an email to, providing your Full Name and registration number.
  1. For staff: send an email to the director ICT (, providing your Full Name and Payroll Number.


  1. Go to, login to the network using the username and password used for email access

uon lib

  1. Select the link to UoN Library Electronic resources link.


  1. Go to
  1. If you do not have an account already, click on the Register here link



  1. Fill out the online registration form. Ensure you use your University of Nairobi Email.
  1. Wait for approval confirmation that normally takes 24 hours.
  1. Return to the login page and use your username and password.
  1. From the remotexs homepage, you can access all the electronic resources provided by the Library.

Student Management Information System (Student Portal)

The Student Portal gives students accessibility to information online. This information include: access to Fees statement, Notices, Exam Results and Continuous Assessment Test Results, Timetable, Enquiries on pending results, Enquiries on Student Identity cards , as well as the provision of booking rooms online.

  1. Log In

 To log in to the SMIS Portal enter: Registration No as user name, Password: (Should be your National Identity No. or Passport no., as detailed in the Student Online Registration form which you fill and forward to the Faculty /School/ Institute Registrar).

  1. Portal Home

This gives the student the following provisions:

  1. Change Password
  2. Request for a Student ID- Student should request for student Identity card by clicking on the link ‘student id’ to either request for a new ID, a re-issue or a replacement or to find out about the status of their ID process.
  3. Notice-The students are able to get notices from lecturers, departments or their Faculty.
  1. Fees Statement

This enables a student to view the payments they have made since the commencement of studies. The distribution of the fees payment is available on the link ‘Detailed Fees Statement’.

  1. Timetables:

This section enables one to view all the courses being taught in the current semester, as well as the venues and their timing. Once a student registers for courses, they can select ‘My Timetable’ to view only the courses they have registered.

Exam timetable: The exam dates, exam venues and exam time are also displayed in this section. A student can opt to view exam details for the courses he/she registered for using the link ‘My ExamTimetable’.

Course Registration (Student Portal )

At the beginning of a semester, students need to register for courses that they will take. To register for courses, a student should enter the Course Code e.g. ‘CCS001’; Then select the Exam Type-whether First Attempt, Resit, Retake etc., and the Group –Default group is ‘Group1’ One can only register for courses that are available in the time table.

Provisional and Confirmation of Courses

Once a course is successfully registered, it will appear as provisional and an invoice will be generated. Then, the student should select the unit(s) and click on ‘Confirm Selected Courses’. A unit can only be confirmed if payments have been made.

Dropping of units

A student can drop a unit for various reasons however; a unit can only be dropped if it has not been confirmed. Select/Tick the unit(s) that needs to be dropped and click ‘Drop Selected’.


Results for courses that have been registered can be viewed from this section. Additionally, students are also able to get results of their Course Work/CATs here.


Students can make requests to:

  1. Obtain a Provisional Transcript e.g. for employment or attachment purpose. The status of this request will be displayed in this section.
  2. Enquire about missing exams or CAT marks- The Course code and the Year when the exam was done need to be specified.

Book Room

 Students can apply for and confirm rooms online. Once a student applies for a room, they await allocation. Thereafter, an invoice will be generated. Only after payment of fees will a student be able to confirm the room applied for.

NB: Password Resets in case of forgotten passwords, send request to

Student Emails

Student Email and Password Guide

A. To access login page

Type on the search bar and click on “STUDENTS MAIL”


Type in your email address. Click “Next”

OR: -

Go to and type in your full email address in the format “”

email 2

Enter your password and click “Next”

B. Forgot Password?

In case you cannot remember your password, click on “forgot password”

email 3

If you remember any of your previous passwords, go ahead and type it in. Click “Next”. If you do not remember a previous password, click on “Try another way”.

email 4

Enter the verification code to allow you to set a new password If you do not have your phone, contact your domain admin for help

C. Setting Recovery Information

Sign in to your email account. Click on “Google Account (top right) → Manage your Google Account → Security”

email 5

Enter your recovery information which is useful in case you forget your password. The recovery email should be an alternative email address.

Telkom Soma Bundles

Lost Telkom SimCard

Visit your nearest Telkom shop to replace a lost card. This will be done on the terms and conditions of sim replacement at Telkom. May attract a fee.

KENET e-Learning Bundle

                                                       KENET e-Learning Bundle


How to Use KENET Sponsored Telkom SIM Cards.




The login credentials:-

  • Username :  Mobile Number without the leading zero e.g. 
  • Password:  Use the last six (6) digits of the serial number on the SIM card

For those who might have Eduroam accounts can use them.

Find attached the User guide for the service.



How to Enable KENET  e-Learning Bundle.



  1. Safaricom - 10GB/month data bundle at KES 500
  2. Airtel Networks - 12GB/month data bundle at KES 500
  3. Telkom Kenya - 30GB/month data bundle at KES 999 (data bundles are consumed at 1GB per day)

SOMA na TELKOM Data Bundles

1What is Soma na Telkom data bundle?Monthly Data Bundles offering convenient connectivity that allows staff and students of university of Nairobi  to work or study from wherever they are during Covid-19 lockdown period. The data bundles are sponsored by the University for those staff and students  aligible to be provided with the bundles at any given time. The data bundles are used to access specific sites approved by the university for online teaching and learning as well as access to university management information systems. 
2Who is eligible for this type of Data bundlesThese data bundles are provided to students and staff who are registered for the current semester and have fully paid their current semester fees.
3Are all members of staff entitled to get the Telkom line/bundles?Only those whose names have been approved by their respective HODs are elligible.
4How are the data bundles dispensed to students and staffEligible Students and staff are provided with Telkom Kenya sim-cards which are pre-loaded with data bundles every month during the semester of study especially during this time of Covid-19 Lockdown.
Who pays for these data bundles?
The university is sponsoring these bundles during the lockdown period to enable students and staff continue with university activities online
6Does this Telkom kenya line provide access to All Internet sites?This line provides access to university of Nairobi approved/whitelisted online teaching and learning resources. See approves on https://www. (Link to be provided)
7How do i apply for "SOMA Na TELKOM" data bundles ?1. Students to register their intent for facilitation of data bundles by updating their profile in the SMIS portal indicating their preferred Telkom outlet.
 2. Requests received at ICT Centre are processed and forwarded to respective colleges for review and approval.
 3. ICT Centre sends approved list to Telkom Kenya with instructions to configure and activate the lines.
 4. Telkom activates the Sim card and sends to the Telkom outlet(selected by the student)
 5. Student receives an alert from their preferred Telkom outlet to go and collect the Sim card.
8How to get soma na telkom sim card ready?Link to sim-card collection process chart (To be provided)
9Can I collect my card from any Telkom shop?Yes, it's possible in unique circumstances. For instance lockdown restrictions.
10I never updated my profile. How can I do this?Login to and update your profile
11I have paid school fees in full and it’s not reflected on my student portal and hence I can’t access classes. How can I be assisted?Reach out to the school/faculty admins for correction of the same (Admins contacts(Tel or email) are shared with the student)
12Can I be allowed to access the classes with a fee balance?Only students with fee balances below Ksh 5000 are eligible.
13I can’t use my new line or my line has zero bundlesPlease call Telkom customer care number  0202221000 for support or seek assistance from the Telkom shop where you picked the card or contact us on
14I have visited a Telkom shop but I can’t collect the line because I don’t have identification document(s)?Each person is required to produce an identification document in order to collect the card. In case of lost document, produce a police abstract.
15I have visited the Telkom shop but they can’t trace my name in their list despite the fact that I got a notification SMS to collect the SIM card.Request Telkom officers to re-check all the lists. SMS's were only sent to the people in the list only. Otherwise contact UoN customer care on 0204916414/5 for assistance.
16How do I acquire a personal sim card from Telkom?Visit your nearest Telkom shop for purchase. Terms and conditions of purchase at Telkom apply.
17How often are the data bundle reloaded in the Telkom line?The data bundles are reloaded once every calendar month
18How do I check my data bundles balance on this soma na Telkom line?Dial *200#
19Whats the procedure of replacing lost Telkom sim card?Visit your nearest Telkom shop to replace a lost card. This will be done on the terms and conditions of sim replacement at Telkom. May attract a fee. Alternatively send(name,Reg no,lost line number, new number(unregistered), New line sno, Alt. telephone contact) to for help.
20How do I know/locate my nearest Telkom shop?Use the link:
21I have the line but I can’t use it due to poor network connectivityKindly give us the details (Full Names, County, Sub-County/Constituency, ID/Reg No, Telephone Number and nature of problem. The details will be forwarded to Telkom Kenya to carry out a network upgrade. Incase there is completely no network coverage, we will advise on alternative solutions.
22There is poor Telkom network coverage in my location and hence becoming impossible to access the internet resources/e-classes. Is there a way I can be helped?Please give us your details for forwarding to Telkom Network Technical team for action. Your details should include Full Names, County, Sub-County/Constituency, ID/Reg No, Telephone Number any other nearby landmark eg school , major town nearby, or aproximate distance from major town.. The details will be forwarded to Telkom Kenya to carry out a network upgrade. Incase there is completely no network coverage, we will advise on alternative solutions.
23what happen to students who cannot use Telkom lines because of Network connectivity and coverage issues?his involves a due process of confirmation that indeed the student has applied and been issued with a TKL line, but upon trying, the same has failed, this is confirmed by UoN upon the student writing to customer service, after which the request for provision of alternative data bundles is sent to the respective college principal for facilitation with alternative data bundles.
24What is the Telkom Kenya hotline number020-2-221-000
25What do I do if my bundles get depleted before the next reloadBuy discounted bundles by dialing *200# to use for the remaining days before end month.
26Does the remaining data bundle rollover to a new month?The remaining monthly data bundle DOES NOT rollover to the new month.
27I have bundles but I can't use my lineYour data bundles may require activation. Contact or
28I have a Telkom Kenya Line, can i use it with these bundles ?Fill the consent form after updating your portal to have your line co-owned with the university .Follow this link.https: (URL Tobe provided)